About me

If I think about where my passion for baking and the idea of the website TOMS PATISSERIE began to develop, my thoughts wander to the past, to my grandmother’s house. Baking a cake brings back memories to me of her and her passion and unconditional love for baking. There was always a cake present in her kitchen every day. She introduced me to the world of baking and showed me how to love and share culinary art. She shared her recipes and secrets with me and was always the first one to taste my baking creations and praise them with joy. She showed me how beautiful baking is and how generous one can be with it. My grandmother taught me how to make people happy with a simple piece of cake and how to love this sweet world and get inspired by it.
I am an architect, and my main profession has a lot to do with design. My passion for pastry and baking has always accompanied my main profession and this interest led me to study and become a pastry chef. I wanted to get to know this world from a professional point of view. I studied techniques and practiced many recipes, but also learned about the hygiene of a kitchen and how to bake in a team. My passion for cakes always accompanies me, and I can easily combine the world of the sweet with the world of design and architecture. I feel a particular enthusiasm for French pastry making, which places great emphasis on aesthetics, details and technology. But I also enjoy the basic recipes, the simple and tasty baking, just like my grandmother did. I also can appreciate the work, time and dedication that hides behind every piece of cake. I dedicate part of my time to this fabulous world. In the time I spend in the kitchen, I am happy and enter a fascinating universe of experimental creations. I want to share this passion and love with you on this website, not only in THE BLOG section but also with my RECIPES. With every recipe and contribution on this site, I will think of my grandmother and her love for baking and of the wonderful moments we spent together in the kitchen.

Toms Patisserie